• Polyethylene wax emulsion is available as milky white emulsion, which can be readily diluted with hot, cold or even hard water, which does not affect it since it is nonionic in character. It is compatible with anionic, cationic and non ionic auxiliaries
  • Excellent stability against polishing, scratch resistance, metal mark resistance, scuff resistance
  • Emulsifiable polyethylene wax is used in textile finishing, leather auxiliaries, cosmetics, crayons, polishes, paper coating, adhesives and packing industry. It is an important textile processing chemical

Product Application Product Code        Features
PE Wax Emulsion Floor polish X-35
  • Yellowish liquid
  • Nonionic emulsion designed for floor finishes application
  • Also suitable in water based paints using alkali soluble resins
  • Reduce blocking and scuffing while increasing the gloss of the paint

Paraffin WAX

  • Paraffin-based wax emulsion for aqueous coatings, printing inks as well as care products and polishes for improving water repellency and surface slip

Product Application Product Code        Features
Modified Paraffin Wax Emulsion Adhesive X-36
  • Turbid Liquid
  • Nonionic modified paraffin wax emulsion designed for water based easy opening adhesive